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Chilly Twist
The World's Most Versatile Cup!
Patented Cup & Base Coolant are interchangeable, creating even more,
fun color combinations "
always find your cup" stop spreading germs &
viruses. This acts as a color coded cup identifier.
Chill fridge temp. (36-39 degree) drinks to 32 degrees or less for extended periods of time, without
ice, watered down taste, odors or impurities from the freezer
(lower portion of the drink will be the coldest)
Save money, save space and the save the environment versus
disposable cups, frozen mugs etc..
The secret lies in the compact base coolant, freeze the base upside down in the back of the freezer (by the vent is
for at least 12 hours, providing maximum cooling!
The cup can be used with or without the optional base to provide cooling and insulating of the poured drink.
The base can be used as a 2 oz. measuring cup, chilled or non-chilled taster or shot glass.
#1 a re-usable BPA & Lead Free 16 oz. Cup          #2 design your own vibrant color coded cup identifier    
built in koozie/insulator                                   #4 a removable gel filled base coolant to cool your drink
#5 chilled 2 ounce base/taster or chilled shot glass  #6 lid with straw hole, accepts most disposable straws
#7 lid doubles as a coaster with grooves to catch sweat & any condensation           #8 2 oz. measuring cup
#9 reusable straw (will also accept disposable straws)                                                  #10 conceals drinks
#11 cup & lid top rack dishwasher safe                                                    
#12 safe around pools and decks
*Discounts will appear in the cart, no straws, drinks, umbrellas or lids are for sale and may be shown for display purposes only. All orders will ship once funds
clear. All rights are reserved. Chilly Twist, LLC
Not recommended for high temperature dishwasher's!!
Crocs, Inc.
MR.BEERŪ Home Brewing Kits. American's #1 Home Brewing System. Makes a great gift!
Chillin the most with your Chilly Twist, no thermos,
no extra koozie needed, the chillster in Chilly Twist.
Plow & Hearth
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Soda Club USA (Dot Com Holdings of Buffalo, Inc)
Camping/Outdoor/RV/Tailgating Games with Chilly Twist Cups include:
Flip Cup, Beirut, Tower of Beirut, Shot Pong, Pong Ticktacktoe, Sniper and Block Out Pong.
Cups, lids & bases are BPA &
Lead Free & virtually
indestructible and should last a
lifetime+ with normal use.
Your Favorite Games
with a "Chilly Twist"
has been released!!
Sale Price $5.99
15 Games, 60 Pages.
Perfect for: Camping, RVing, Tailgating, Boating, at the Pool, the beach, the BBQ, the backyard or the
kitchen, milk, juice, soda, mixed drinks, beer, Margarita's, ice cream, fits Keurig single k-kups etc...
Lid designed with easy
remove gasket for
easier cleaning.
Are you tired of warm and diluted drinks? Taste and smells from ice cubes? Impurities from the
freezer?  Disposable cups? Do all of the cups look the same? Lost space in your cabinets & freezer?
Problems Solved & More!
#13 cups float with or without the lid  #14 Jell-O shots in 37 Minutes #15 cups fit most cupholders     
#16 perfect for ice cream, smoothies, margarita's, beer, juice, kids, adults
#17 use on the boat, RV, camper, dorm, pool, BBQ, tailgating etc...
#18 lid gasket easily removed for complete cleaning      #19 Cups fit most Keurig